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My early interests in mental health found me studying Psychology; the way the human body worked fascinated me. It was only when I found myself tinkering in the kitchen, exploring the wonders of kale and quinoa, and devouring all the natural health literature I could get my hands on that I began to wonder about how what we put into our bodies could influence what we got out of it. Combining my two passions – cooking up a storm and the desire to improve the quality of life for both myself and those around me – led me to study a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine). Four years of education cemented my beliefs in the power of preventative health care, and the philosophies of food as medicine and personalised treatment. Though my tertiary qualifications left me brimming with knowledge, I do my very best to keep abreast of the latest developments in holistic healthcare by regularly attending conferences and seminars.  As a qualified and registered naturopath and nutritionist, it is my overwhelming desire to share this knowledge with my patients, whilst offering support and guidance on their journey to good health.


My primary endeavour is to treat my clients as the individuals they are, taking the time to get to know them and understand the root cause of their health concerns. Realistic and achievable wellness programs are tailored specifically to individual needs, which are based on lengthy consultations, physical examinations and budgetary concerns, as well as specific dietary and lifestyle requirements. Treatment plans generally focus on diet and lifestyle modification and holistic counselling, although nutritional and herbal medicine, and flower essences are recommended when necessary. These plans will always take into account the latest evidence-based research as well as traditional philosophies and practices integral to naturopathic medicine.


As a naturopath, I can help address with the following health concerns, both acute and chronic:

  • Fatigue syndromes – chronic  fatigue and adrenal exhaustion
  • Weight loss
  • Female hormone imbalance
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Mood disorders
  • Sleep disorders
  • Skin conditions – psoriasis and eczema
  • Immune dysfunction
  • Poor digestion and digestive disorders
  • Autoimmune disorders – allergies, food intolerances,
  • Pain syndromes – osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia
  • Detoxification programs

Though I also believe that one does not need to be unwell to gain benefit from seeking naturopathic advice.
As a long-time vegan, my interests also lie in vegan and vegetarian specific nutrition, with a high level of knowledge regarding the vegan friendliness of supplements and other nutritional products.
As compliance is the key to achieving success, I make myself as available to my patients as possible, responding promptly to phone calls and emails and offering the motivation and encouragement they require to achieve their goals.